Whether your aim is to cut energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, fulfil regulatory obligations or accomplish your sustainability goals, CleanMax Solar has a solution for you.




Ownership Model


  Opex Capex
Ownership CleanMax owns the asset Ownership Customer owns the asset
Investment Zero upfront investment by the Customer. Can instead invest that capital into its core business. Investment 100% investment borne by Customer.
Management Approval Timelines Quickly replicable and scalable because additional projects don’t need internal Capex approvals Management Approval Timelines Typically requires long lead time Capex approvals at the very senior/board levels.
Consumption Pay only for electricity generated, no hidden costs What you pay for Pay only for O&M charges after system purchase, no tariff for solar electricity generated
Per Unit Savings 15-40% cheaper than Grid Tariff Per Unit Savings Capital repaid through generated electricity
O&M Turnkey solution, therefore CleanMax bears O&M cost O&M Customer pays separately for O&M
Payback Savings from day 1 (Zero days) Payback Customer payback on initial investment ranges from 6-10 years
Techincal Know How CleanMax handles all technical matters Techincal Know How Dedicated team needed at customer’s end to evaluate system design, installation and operation
Performance Risk CleanMax bears all the performance risk and is incentivized to maximized generation because revenues are linked entirely to generation Performance Risk Customer bears all the performance risk and must manage equipment collection, downtime losses and changing weather conditions

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