Whether your aim is to cut energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, fulfil regulatory obligations or accomplish your sustainability goals, CleanMax has a solution for you.


Ownership Model

Solar plant will be installed by CleanMax and owned by you. Post installation, our expert engineers will ensure your solar plant runs smoothly and efficiently under an operations and maintenance agreement.

CAPEX - Solar Energy Solutions - CleanMax Solar


At CleanMax, whichever model you choose, we are committed to delivering maximum solar performance, thanks to our proprietary remote monitoring system. This collects relevant information from all our solar plants and feeds it to our integrated monitoring and maintenance platform, which allows us to:

  • Recognise and diagnose maintenance problems rapidly
  • Benefits Of Experienced EngineeringDispatch an experienced engineer to address the specific issue
  • Remote Reset BenefitsRemotely reset the equipment, if required
  • Plant Performance BenifitsAssess plant performance
  • Realtime BenefitsProvide real-time energy performance data to our customers
  • Custom ReportsGenerate customized plant performance reports automatically


We use a sophisticated, custom built data logging and analytics platform to monitor all of our plants, allowing us to minimize downtime and maximize power generation.

Data Monitoring Platform - Image 1 - CleanMax Solar
Data Monitoring Platform - Image 2 - CleanMax Solar

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